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Psychopharmacologists – What are They?

A phsychopharma-what? Is that really a profession? In short, yes, a psychopharmacologist specializes in the psychological affects various medications have on a patient. The official definition of a psychopharmacologist is a medical professional who studies drug-induced changes in behaviour, emotional state, mood, or the way a patient thinks. For example, a psychopharmacologist would be an expert on how antidepressant medications such as Prozac can affect a patient’s thinking and reasoning skills. Think of them as a cross between a psychologist and a pharmacist, hence the name psychopharmacology. These professionals can be invaluable, especially when treating patients with mental health disorders.

For the few who are familiar with the term, many mistakenly believe that psychopharmacologists study only psychotropic or psychedelic drugs. However, these professionals do not merely focus on street drugs or drugs commonly abused by patients. In fact, much of their work simply involves studying the brain’s responses to certain chemicals. The brain areas they study deal with personality, mood, emotions, and reasoning skills. When a patient under treatment for mental health issues is taking several medications, the associated side effects can make it difficult to determine if new symptoms are emerging or if they are merely the result of medication side effects.

While a pharmacist is no match for a psychopharmacologist in terms of training and knowledge of the relationships between medication and brain activity, they are still a significant source of information on a wide variety of medications. A pharmacist can offer advice and knowledge based on years of educational and practical experience. Most pharmacists continue their education as ongoing adult learners to better perform their jobs and serve their customers. While not as in-depth as psychopharmacologists in terms of the scientific relationship between the brain and the chemicals in various medications, they can certainly discuss with your expected side effects, both listed and anecdotal.

Saving money on your prescriptions by ordering Canada medicine and discount drugs online does not require that you sacrifice the ability to talk to an experienced pharmacist. Most reputable Canadian pharmacies employ very knowledgeable pharmacists who are readily available should you have questions. The goal of discount pharmacies in Canada is to save you money and lower your treatment costs, not limit the service you receive. In fact, most Canadian pharmacies encourage your questions and inquiries, viewing them as an opportunity to continue earning your business and patronage. Their goal is your safety and continued good health, which means being available to you for questions and concerns.

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